The Witcher (E-Score Brand) 07/08/24

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Single E-Score Brand Score:

A one-sheet PDF download with the most current data on the chosen brand including Awareness and Appeal scored across a variety of demographics, a full list of attributes, and more.

About E-Score Brand:

Evaluate brand health KPIs such as Awareness, Appeal, Loyalty and NPS for 3,000+ brands.


E-Score Brand is an online survey fielded monthly among a unique sample of 1,500 E-Poll panel members, age 13+. The sample is composed of randomly selected respondents who are representative of the US population distribution in terms of age, gender, income and region. Respondents are randomly exposed to either the name or logo of no more than 17 brands. Those aware of the brand are asked to evaluate that brand in more depth. A minimum of 50 brands are fielded on a monthly basis.

Note: This data is available through MediaSync for all E-Score Brand and E-Score Platform subscribers.