E-Score Character/Brand Mascot

Single E-Score Character Score:

A one-sheet PDF download with the most current data on the chosen character/brand mascot including Awareness and Appeal scored across a variety of demographics, a full list of Attributes, and more.

About E-Score Character:

Evaluate the equity and media/merchandising opportunities for 6,000+ characters and brand mascots.


Survey respondents

Each survey is administered to Persons 13-49 with general representation across income, age, education and geographic demographics for an ending sample of n=1,500. A total of n=750 respondents evaluate the character based on name-only stimulus while the remaining n=750 evaluate based on image-only stimulus without name or prompt.

Character Measures:

Awareness - based on name or image

Appeal - measured on a 6-point scale

Attributes - measured on 37 attributes

Appropriateness - for different age groups

Extendibility - for licensing to different product categories

Open End - asked for any additional thoughts/feelings about the character as well as likes and dislikes about the character

Note: This data is available through MediaSync for all E-Score Character and E-Score Platform subscribers.